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Envision Ellettsville Visioning Workshop Summary

On Wednesday, September 15 the project team hosted the first in-person visioning workshop for the Envision Ellettsville Vision Plan. This public event was from 6:00 – 8:00PM at the Town Hall. A total of 32 people signed-in when they arrived to learn about the planning process and share their ideas about the future of Ellettsville.

The workshop was kicked-off with a quick presentation provide by project manager, Ron Taylor. The presentation includes an overview of the planning process and instructions for how to complete the exercises set up around the room. There were 4 stations that focused on specific topics. Attendees were asked to Envision Ellettsville as a place for living, business, recreation, and entertainment.

The summaries provided in the linked documents are intended to highlight the key themes from each station at the Visioning Workshop. If you have additional questions, or information to share please email us at

Public Meeting_Summary_Final_Redacted
Download PDF • 2.40MB
Public Workshop 1_Station 1_Combined Summary
Download PDF • 15.12MB
Public Workshop 1_Station 2_COMBINED Summary
Download PDF • 14.63MB
Public Workshop 1_Station 3_COMBINED Summary
Download PDF • 16.85MB
Public Workshop 1_Station 4_COMBINED Summary
Download PDF • 16.61MB

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