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Our Approach to Implementation

There is an organizational structure in place to guide the community through the implementation of the 70+ action items outlined in the Envision Ellettsville Vision Plan.

 Ellettsville Staff and Officials

Envision Ellettsville

Vision Plan
Task Force Groups

Town staff and officials oversee all of the administrative and financial functions of the community. They are the governing body and play a critical role in implementing the Vision Plan. 

The six-member board serves as the Vision Plan experts. They are the convene of people and resources and serve as the liaison between the Town Officials and the Task Force Groups. 

The Task Force Groups were created to ensure an adequate amount of time and attention is given to each of the big ideas within the Vision Plan - Connectivity, Gathering, Branding, Beautification, and Character and Development. 


Meeting Summaries

The project team has launched 3 task force groups including Business, Connectivity, and Gathering. These groups meet once a month to discuss challenges and opportunities. Follow along by reviewing the meeting summaries below! 

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