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Did you know a comprehensive plan update is underway?


Plan Process 

The Vision Plan will serve as the foundation for the Comprehensive Plan. The vision, goals, and objectives will remain the same. The only "new" piece will be the Future Land Use chapter. 

Phase 1: Comprehensive Plan 

Task 1.1 Draft Future Land Use Content

Task 1.2 Land Use Planning Public Workshop

Task 1.3 Prepare of Future Land Use Plan 

Task 1.4 Draft Review Meeting  - We are here! 

Task 1.5 Comprehensive Plan Finalization 

Task 1.6 Adoption Meeting 

Task 1.7 Final Deliverable 

Following the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan, the project team will begin to update the town's Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). 

Review the DRAFT Future Land Use Map!

The Ellettsville Future Land Use Plan is a guide to the physical development of the town. It describes how and where future development or redevelopment should occur. The term land use is used to describe the type of activities or uses taking place on a parcel of land or within a structure. The future land use map considers the current uses of the land and determines how the land should be used in the next ten to 20 years.


A future land use plan does not change the current zoning or use of land, it only guides decisions on how that land should be used in the land use does change.

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