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 Envision Ellettsville Vision Plan

The Envision Ellettsville Vision Plan is just the beginning of meaningful transformation for Ellettsville. This document will serve as a launching pad for taking the big ideas and turning them into reality.  

The Vision 

Flash forward 10 years, Ellettsville is a complete community that is diverse in its offerings and ensures everyday services, facilities, and amenities are readily available.


The hope is that when a resident is asked, “what is Ellettsville like?” The residents may feel empowered to say Ellettsville is home, Ellettsville is vibrant, Ellettsville is connected, Ellettsville is thriving, Ellettsville is strategic – that is the vision for the future. 


About the Plan

 Chapter 1
Plan Introduction

This chapter serves as the foundation for the vision, goals, and recommendations that follows. Both data collection and public input informed the development of the Vision Plan in various ways. There are two-sides to every story. While data tells one-side of the story, community perceptions can tell another story. 

Chapter 2
Our Vision

Before diving into goals and objectives, the Greater Ellettsville community had to come to agreement of how they want the community to be perceived and what they want to do or become in the future. The community identity statement and the vision statement starts to paint the big picture of what Greater Ellettsville could be in the future. 

Chapter 3
Our Framework

Following the creation of the goals and objectives, the project team started to explore how each of the ideas could be applied to specific geographic areas. Several of the objectives were carried forward into the following chapter and referenced within each of the focus areas. Chapter 3: Our Framework should be used to guide future growth and development and prioritize improvements and improvement within the community. 

Chapter 4 
Our Action Plan

Using four geographic focus areas as organizational elements, this chapter explores a series of big ideas that originated from community feedback. The big ideas include connectivity, gathering, branding, enhancements and beautification, and growth and development. Each of these big ideas were continuously at the forefront during community conversations and are thought of as things that could have the greatest impact on achieving the vision for the Town of Ellettsville. 

The Envision Ellettsville process occurred over a span of 12 months to create a shared vision for future growth and development, encompass meaningful and inclusive public engagement, and establish achievable implementation plans. 


What's Next?

As the planning process approached the finish line, the Envision Ellettsville steering committee started asking the question, “how are we going to keep the momentum going?”  The organizational structure outlined on the following page is intended to illustrate how the Envision Ellettsville Vision Plan can be implemented. The Town of Ellettsville, Envision Ellettsville Board, and six topic-specific task force groups will work together transform the big idea of the vision plan into reality. Interested in learning more implementation? Follow the link below. 

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