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Steering committee takes part in a visioning workshop

The third meeting of the steering committee was held on Wednesday, September 15, 2021. The meeting was conducted as a visioning workshop which included individual stations, organized around four specific topics. Questions specific to each topic are provided as key prompts for your input, suggestions and ideas, including the identification of issues related to “What Ellettsville Needs” and “What Ellettsville Wants.” The four stations include:

  1. A Place for Business.

  2. A Place for Entertainment.

  3. A Place for Recreation.

  4. A Place to Live.

The committee was encouraged to respond to the questions posed at each of the stations thinking about Ellettsville as related to 1) The Current Conditions; 2) The Future Conditions. Following the overview of the stations and related exercises, the committee members then provided their input for each of the four topic areas.

The meeting summary can be downloaded using the following link.

Ellettsville Steering Committee Meeting 3_09-15-21
Download PDF • 207KB



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