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Creating a place
where residents and businesses thrive.

Comprehensive Plan Update

The Town of Ellettsville is planning to use the Envision Ellettsville Vision Plan as the foundation for its comprehensive plan update!  

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Review the Final Plan

The Envision Ellettsville Vision Plan is just the beginning of a meaningful transformation for Ellettsville. This document will serve as a launching pad for taking big ideas and turning them into reality!

Review the Final Document now!

Envision Ellettsville for Our Future!

Our partners

A dedicated group of volunteers who care about our town have come together to establish Envision Ellettsville.

Project updates

Curious about what is being discussed or proposed during the planning process? All of the meeting agendas, presentations and summary documents will be available for review and download throughout the process.


If you were unable to find what you were looking for, or have additional questions, feel free to contact the team at any time.

Stay engaged

If you provide an email address we will keep you updated on Envision Ellettsville.

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